Odour Eliminator

R 69

Highly effective biological product that degrades the source of the odours, not just masking them. The product is a special formulation that when applied, binds the odour molecules to degrade them. These molecules are then converted into carbon dioxide and water. 


Non re-soiling action Eliminates the source of the odour instead of masking it. Converts the organics to carbon dioxide and water.


    Bacteria Type: 5 x Bacillus and 5 x enzyme blend Total bacterial count: 67.3 million cfu’s/ml Form: Liquid Appearance: Slightly cloudy Fragrance: Fresh pH: 7 – 8 Effective pH range: 5 – 10 Effective temp range: 5 – 50ºC Shelf life: 24 months  


    Spray directly onto affected area


    WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray towards face. If odour control comes into contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and if swallowed, drink milk and seek medical advice


    Motor vehicle interiors, refuse collection areas, Carpet & Fabric Care, Restrooms, Water damaged area 

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