Wild Range Gift Bag

R 255

We have teamed up with Uzwelo, to bring you the first in our range of merch! Our Born to Be Wild Gift Bag is filled with 4 x 100ml products from our Wild Range, in this unisex, outdoorsy gift idea!

Detail around the fabric used in manufacturing this product:

There are approximately 15 recycled bottles per m2 of P.E.T (Polyethylene Terephthalate) felt.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces withdrawal of non-renewable resources such as oil / fossil fuels, by using recycled content (rPET = recycled PET bottles).
  • Saves carbon emissions, water and energy and has a significantly less environmental impact than virgin fibre.
  • Propet applies international standards and best practice in their operations. Ensuring quality, environmental, social compliance and responsibility.
  • The entire process from raw material (PET bottles) to fabric is 100% local, ensuring support of the South African economy, the local textile industry, the circular economy and recycling economy.

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