Five eco-friendly ways to turn your home into a safer space for your pet

 Here are a few quick changes you can make this weekend to ensure a healthier environment for your fur baby. 

As new studies detail the harmful effects of harsh cleaning chemicals on humans, pet owners are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact these same products have on their fur babies. As a company concerned with developing products that are both vegan and certified "Beauty Without Cruelty,” we have thought of a few easy ways for you to offer your pet a healthier home. 

Here are five changes you can make in your home this weekend:

1) Safer floors for their precious paws.

Conventional cleaning products for floors and carpets will leave a toxic residue. That residue will come into contact with your animal’s paws or be ingested through the mouth. Toxic cleaning products can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, runny noses, etc.  Switch your tile/hard floor and carpet cleaner to a product made with plant extracts, safe bacteria, and enzymes. Nu-Eco's Floor and Grout Cleaner and our Laundry and Carpet Spot Cleaner will leave your home sparkling clean and fume-free!

2) Clean your pets' dishes and bowls after every meal.

This may sound obvious to some, but with life as busy as it is, who can blame pet parents for forgetting to wash food bowls after each meal? Like humans can get sick from bacteria left on dirty dishes, so can your sweet Lab! Please switch to a bio-degradable product like our Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid. 

3) Keep all medication (human and pet) and cleaning products out of reach.

Listed as two of the top 10 household hazards for pets by the SPCA. Keep those medications out of the sniff/lick/guzzle zone. Even if you choose a natural homecare range, it's still essential to screw on those lids and pack your products away. Ingesting even the most natural of cleaning formulations can cause your pet to get sick. Contact your vet immediately if an accident like this occurs. Using child-proof locks on your cupboards is a simple addition to your safety system.

4) Choose a natural pet shampoo, not a human one.

While there are a lot of gentle human products on the market, we still advise using natural shampoo formulated especially for animals. A hypoallergenic formulation can go a long way to soothe sensitive skin, and the animal's system will benefit from a natural formulation. A pet's ability to "carry" toxins is lower than ours, so keeping it natural is always a good idea to show your puppy love. Give our Nu-Eco Dog Shampoo a try; it’s well suited to sensitive skin.

5) Keep your pet’s bed and kennel fresh and healthy with a product fortified with bacteria and enzymes.

Your pet’s bedding can get stinky fast! Nothing is worse than walking into someone’s home and getting a “whiff” of their poodle. Dust and wash bedding regularly, and consider spraying your bedding with a product like Nu-Eco’s Pet Odour Control. This liquid is formulated with bacteria that target odours. The inclusion of Eucalyptus Citriodora delivers the robust coupling of a pest repellent and a natural fragrance.

 We see it as our duty not only to create safe and healthy products for our planet and all the beautiful creatures that inhabit it but to spread simple ideas on how to make positive changes. Check out our pet products under our Pets Category within our online store.