Biochem Spreads it's Wings into New Territories

Checkout our press release about our expansion into new parts of RSA and beyond our borders


South African manufacturer, Biochem Trading, has expanded within South Africa and opened offices in Botswana and the United Kingdom.

The South African homegrown bio-remediation company simultaneously steps into Gauteng and the Western Cape as it opens its doors in Botswana and the United Kingdom.

March 03, 2022, Durban, South Africa Biochem Trading, a South African manufacturer and service provider of eco-friendly products and solutions to waste water, contaminated soil, and waste systems within the agricultural sector, announced they had grown their team and footprint.

Considering the issues outlined in the GD22 report, it’s no surprise that the demand for wastewater solutions has led to the company’s decision to hire new consultants in South Africa.  While a national footprint has always been the goal, the need has developed even faster than the team realised it would.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to offer in-person consulting and solutions to our neighbouring regions,” says Thomas Geldart, Managing Director. “Communities, farmers, and organizations are taking note of how effective our products are. Our bricks, powders, and liquids are developed with high concentrations of bacteria, with strengths ranging between the millions and the billions per gram.”

Another exciting part of their announcement is that both product and consultation are available in Botswana. Biochem has partnered with Team Agencies to represent the brand and its offering to the agricultural and hospitality sector.

“There has been a strong call from our neighbours in Botswana,” explains Tom Geldart. “Their game lodges must adhere to strict eco-friendly waste and water systems practices, and our products are the perfect solution to some of their challenges.”

Further afield, a recent soil remediation trial was conducted in the UK on the performance of hydro-carbon treatment. The trial report showed the exceptional performance of Biochem’s powder product on a property development site, an old railway works, which needed to be remediated before breaking ground.