Cleaning Schedule for the Green Home

A comment we hear all the time from our customers, is that once they’ve made the switch to using Nu-Eco, they can’t believe how much they enjoy cleaning! Be it the delicious smells from our essential oils, the efficacy of the plant-based ingredients, or the knowledge that they are repopulating their homes with healthy bacteria, they can’t choose just one reason. 

Here is a Nu-Eco’s home cleaning schedule to inspire you:

Daily Kitchen

  • Wash dishes with Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid or Nu-Eco Dishwasher powder.
  • Rinse and wipe down sink with Nu-Eco Surface Cleaner
  • Clean counters & stove with Nu-Eco Surface Cleaner
  • Quick sweep floors
  • Separate and empty rubbish

Daily Bathroom

  • Wipe down faucets and surfaces with Nu-Eco Toilet Cleaner
  • Sweep and spot clean the floor
  • Empty rubbish bins

Weekly Kitchen

  • Degrease oven and stove with Nu-Eco Active Degreaser
  • Wipe down fridge shelves. Spray with Nu-Eco Hand & Surface Cleanser
  • Check expired foods
  • Mop all floors with Floor & Grout Cleaner (hello happy bacteria!)
  • Spray and wipe appliances with Nu-Eco Surface Cleaner
  • Clean out rubbish bins and disinfect with Nu-Eco Surface Cleaner & disinfect with Nu-Eco Hand & Surface Cleanser

Weekly Bathroom & Rest of the home

  • Do laundry with Nu-Eco Laundry Gel, Nu-Eco Bleach Powder and Nu-Eco Laundry & Carpet Spot Cleaner
  • Deep clean the sink and countertops Nu-Eco Toilet Cleaner
  • Mop all floors with Floor & Grout Cleaner (hello happy bacteria!)
  • Clean Mirrors and windows
  • Scrub toilet and wipe down the seat and bowl with Nu-Eco Toilet Cleaner
  • Scrub the bath and shower with Nu-Eco Toilet Cleaner


  • Treat your drains with Nu-Eco Drain Maintenance (Hello happy bacteria!)
  • Treat septic tanks as required with Nu-Eco Septic Tank Treatment. This might need to be done more often, depending on requirements. (Hello happy bacteria!)

Please note this schedule is a home cleaning schedule and doesn’t include sanitising instructions related to Covid-19.