Bleach Powder (Colour Safe!)

R 138

Our Bleach Powder is a safe and effective, water soluble whitener and colour brightener which can be added to your wash cycle with Nu-Eco Laundry Gel, particularly if the wash load is soiled.


• Fragrance-free

• Colour and fabric safe

• Brightens whites and colours

• Ideal for removal of stains in hot or cold water

• Will not weaken fabric strength


98% INGREDIENTS ARE NATURAL Sodium Carbonate Sodium Percarbonate TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamin) Note: 2% TAED is a synthetic product which is necessary for the product to be effective but it is also fully biodegradable.


Directions for use: As part of your wash, add between 1/2 to 1 scoop (50g) of Nu-Eco Bleach Powder, depending on degree of soiling, to washing powder compartment in addition to your Nu-Eco Laundry Gel. As a pre-soak solution, add 1 scoop (50g) of Nu-Eco Bleach powder to 5L of water to pre-soak garments before washing with Nu-Eco Laundry Gel. Nu-Eco Bleach Powder can be used both hot and cold water.  For best results use in warm water above 40⁰C 


Keep your linen white, add a scoop to your linen warm wash. Half a scoop added to the laundry gel works very well for soiled or slightly stained laundry. Soak stained clothes overnight in warm water and then wash as normal. Same applies to white shirts. It also keeps white linen from yellowing. A scoop left overnight in the toilet bowl removes stains in the bowl. Colour safe - it can be used on colours and whites. Completely septic tank and environmentally safe. It has also been used as a safe disinfectant in care centres for the aged.



Eye contact:  Rinse immediately with cool water and continue flushing for 10 minutes. Consult a physician if irritation persists.

Ingestions:  Small quantities - rinse mouth well, drink water and consult physician if necessary.  Larger quantities - do not induce vomiting and immediately consult a poison centre or doctor.                          

Skin Contact:  Wash area thoroughly after using this product.  Many aggravate pre-existing skin irritations.

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