Our Biochem range is formulated with highly effective bacteria for use in the treatment of contaminated water, soil, sludge, slurry, septic systems, and many other applications in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

This bio-augmentation process has yielded outstanding, long-lasting, and sustainable results for our customers worldwide. 

Biochem has 20 years experience in servicing the following sectors:

  • Hospitality: hotels, lodges, restaurants, canteens , golf estates
  • Agricultural: farming/aquaculture
  • Industrial: waste water treatment facilities, factories, shopping malls
  • Environmental remediation: oil & fuel spills, sewerage spills, watercourse contamination
  • International Yachting

Our bio-enzyme products are specifically formulated for waste digestion. These contain the necessary bacterial and enzyme systems from aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to digest waste without resulting in any odour.

Our products are manufactured in an ISO-certified facility that produces optimal concentrations of bio-active ingredients. These products have a long shelf-life and are developed for targeted applications rather than "fix-all" formulations. 

Biochem oversees the system management of a large wastewater plant in South Africa, treating abattoir waste. We also supply product to multiple waste facilities including the two largest poultry abattoirs in Botswana.

In addition, Biochem supplies augmentation products to numerous wastewater treatment facilities within Southern Africa including the City of Durban, Ethekwini.

The team has supplied evaluations, solutions and treatment programmes to multiple Wastewater Treatment Facilities in the UK and South Africa.

International projects have been made possible through the close working relationship between Biochem Trading and Skyhawk Global Limited who are both USA and UK based. 

Biochem has a specialised set of consultants who provide expert advice on how to treat a problem effectively. Our consultants use the following process:


1) Initial Telephone consult to outline the problem.

2) The consultant will either visit the site in person or via video call, depending on the location of the customer.

3) A solution, plan, and quotation are provided. As a business, we recognize the need to keep costs as low as possible so we will endeavour to work within your current or desired budget.

4) Product is applied as per the plan, by the consultant, depending on the location and requirement of the customer. 

Get in touch with our team of consultants to work on a solution for your business:

  • Head office: sales@
  • KZN Tom Geldart: MD
  • KZN Vaughan:
  • Gauteng: Stuart
  • Eastern Cape: Gillian
  • Western Cape: xx
  • Botswana: Leon