Septic Tank Powder - Shock Dose

R 95.40

When/Why would you need this product:

  • If you have a system experiencing backlog, blockages or strong odour.
  • If your system has failed through harsh chemicals , paint, turpentine, conventional bleach and requires rehabilitation. 
  • If your system requires repopulation or a boost in it's bacteria colony. 

Product Benefits:

  • Rapidly reduces Ecoli levels 
  • 100% compostable packaging 
  • Powderful shock dose that is 100% safe and natural
  • Made with 5 Billion CFUs per gram 
  • Keeps soak away free flowing
  • Breaks down tough solids 
  • Safe for animals, children and the environment 
  • Watercourse safe

Applications :

  • Septic systems and toilets
  • 1 x80g sachet is suitable for a household with up to 4 people

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